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Published: 30th January 2012
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Zhongshan Opaye Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of soy milk maker in China. We have won all head-to-head tests conducted by independent experts. Our over 12 years of experience have brought many subtle but important improvements so that Opaye company and the power soymilk makers stay ahead of the competition. Now we are introducing our soymilk maker, the third generation of our award-winning Opaye Soy Milk Makers.

We recommend that you consider the following when making your purchase decision of soy milk makers:

1. Make sure the soymilk maker is CE,CB,UL listed.These approvals have strict requirements for product design and manufacturing process. It is no surprise that knockoff manufacturers can't meet these quality and safety requirements.
2. Making soymilk from soaked soybean is more healthier.
3. Pay attention to the capacity of the machine - how much soymilk it makes in one batch.
4. Carefully read the features of the soymilk maker.
5. Consider shipping cost and warranty cost as part of total cost.
6. Check out how long has the brand and the company been around. We have seen so many soymilk
maker brands and marketers come and go over the years, you don't want to see the company is already gone when you need their service.

You can find just about anything on soy milk, tofu, and soy milk makers at our company site.

Components of a soymilk maker

Most models are composed of the following parts:

*Heating element: this can be a heating element which is submerged in the liquid or a heating bottom plate. Both systems also exist with normal water boiler.
*A container which will hold the soy milk plus some extra air space to prevent overcooking. This container can be plastic or stainless steel.
*A filter cup which holds the soy beans. The surface consists of a screen which allows water or soy milk to pass through. There are two types of screens: a thin plate with very small round holes and a fine mesh screen.
*Sensors to prevent the overcooking of the soymilk.
*Motor with stainless steel stirring blade to mix the soybeans.
*A microprocessors to control the process of heating and mixing.
*Some automatic soy milk makers have additional parts or options: a feeding window or opening which allows you to add the beans to the fully assembled soy milk maker (Opaye company) or a kit to make tofu.

Operation of an authomatic soy milk maker

The operation instructions differ slightly between the different brands but basically they work like this:

*Weigh or measure 80 to 100 grams of dry soyas for each liter of soy milk. Normally a measuring cup is provided.
*Rinse the soybeans and soak for about 7 hours or overnight. Rinse the soaked soybeans again with water. Some manufacturers of soy milk makers claim that their machine can make soy milk directly from unsoaked soybeans. However,the taste will not be that good and yield will be lower.
*Put the soybeans in filter cup and month it in the soymilk maker.
*Add cold water in the container of the soy milk maker. Normally the desired levels are marked on the inside or outside of the container.
*Plug the power cord in and press the start button. The soy milk maker will first heat the water to about 80 degree C (180 degree F) and then start to grind the soybeans.
*After about 18 minutes the soy milk maker will indicate that the cycle is completed and that you can pour the soy milk in another container. The pulp, or okara, which remains in the filter cup can be used as an healthy ingredient in bread or soups. This okara is very rich in fibre but will also contain other healthy ingredients such as soy protein,isoflavones,saponins and vitamins.

Even More Great Benefits!

Manual Includes Exclusive Recipe Section, With Opaye Recipes for Over 25 Great Milks!
As a brand new owner of the SoyDelicious Premier Milk Maker, we would like to help you get started on making great milks right away. As an added benefit we include tons of great recipes in the SoyDelicious manual. With over 25 delicious quick start recipes, you'll be sure to find a milk recipe to meet every family member's taste! The manual also includes directions for making tofu and soy yogurt,and great pointers for sweetening and flavouring your homemade milks. A great way to quickly enjoy the full potential of the SoyDelicious Premier Milk Maker!

Enjoy 13 Great Soymilk Recipes

Soymilk is an excellent way for you and your family to truly benefit from the goodness of soy. Diets low in saturated fats and cholesterol that also include 25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of fresh SoyDelicious Rural Style Soymilk, a recipe included in the SoyDelicious manual, provides over 9 grams of soy protein! A great and easy way to improve your health! Soy foods also fit the dietary guidelines for reducing cancer risk, containing anti-carcinogens, which may prove to be protective.

Using the 13 recipes included in the recipe section of the manual as a starting point, you can make unlimited combinations of soymilks for your family to enjoy. Try great tasting SoyDelicious Metropolitan Style Soymilk, or the slightly sweeter SoyDelicious Black Sesame Soymilk, or the rich tasting SoyDelicious Vanilla Soymilk. SoyDelicious Java Kick, a fantastic soy cappuccino, is a delightful soy coffee blend with a moderate coffee flavour a great way to start your day! SoyDelicious Seven Grain Cereal Soymilk is a great morning milk that blends wonderfully with cereals, porridge, pancakes, and more. And for those making the transition to soymilk, SoyQuick Date-Soymilk is an exceptional transitional recipe from dairy to soymilk.

5 Delicious Rice Milk Recipes With Unlimited Combinations

Rice milk is a healthy and refreshing option for people who want an alternative to dairy milk. It is low in fat and calories, with a slightly sweet taste. Making homemade rice milk has never been easier! With the SoyDelicious Premier Milk Maker, you can make rice milk from many varieties of long and short grain rice, including brown, white, wild, and sweet, as well as combinations such as brown-wild, or sweet-brown. Enjoy great recipes such as the creamy SoyDelicious Refreshing Rice Milk or the sweet tasting SoyDelicious Sweet'N Wild Rice Milk. Rice milk purchased commercially is generally quite expensive; most customers pay between $1.99 and $2.99 per quart. Over the course of a year, or even a month, your rice milk costs can place a heavy burden on your grocery budget. The cost to make fresh rice milk at home using the SoyDelicious Premier Milk Maker is generally quite low, since the cost of rice when purchased in bulk can be amazingly inexpensive. With the Opaye Soy Milk Maker, you can make a quart of delicious rice milk at home for just a few cents!

Additional Multigrain, Nut, and Mung Bean Recipes
Combine wholesome grains, nuts, seeds, and beans to make nourishing beverages, high in fiber, vitamin E, and folic acid. Great tasting milks for the whole family to enjoy! Not only are the milks delicious, they are packed full of nutrients which promote good health. You can make a wide variety of fresh and tasty milk beverages from virtually any bean, rice, nut, seed, or grain. Be creative and make combination milks such as rice-almond milk or soy-sesame seed milk!

Multi-grain Milks
The manual includes tasty multi-grain milk recipes, such as SoyQuick Four Grain Milk, using soybeans, Jasmine rice, millet and wheat groats, which is great in the morning on cereals, or SoyDelicious Oat Milk. Oat milk is a tasty and nutritious alternative to dairy milk. Oat milk is high in fiber,is cholesterol and lactose free, and contains vitamin E, folic acid, and other trace elements and minerals. Oats are also rich in phytochemicals, naturally occurring chemicals in plants that help fight diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Oat milk is quite light and has a mild, slightly sweet taste, so it substitutes well for low-fat or skim milk. Oat milk is a wonderful choice for consumers looking for a milk that is fat and lactose free.

Buying commercial dairy-free milks such as grain or oat milks can be quite expensive and use up a significant portion of your grocery budget. By making your own fresh multi-grain milks with the SoyDelicious Premier Milk Maker, you can save hundreds of dollars per year and bring new life to your favourite recipes. Delicious, fresh grain milks made using the SQ930P will only cost a few cents per quart, just the cost of grains + water!

Nut Milks
The manual also includes great nut milk recipes like SoyDelicious Almond Milk and SoyDelicious Hazelnut Milk. Nuts, in general, are a healthy addition to most diets providing a good source of protein and essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, phosphorous, potassium, essential fatty acids, and fiber. Nut milk is a tasty, nutritious alternative for those who prefer non-dairy milks. However, purchasing commercially produced nut milks can be quite expensive, eating up a large portion of your grocery budget. With the SoyDelicious Premier Milk Maker you can have fresh nut milk for less than a dollar per quart! Just the cost of nuts + water! Many brands of milk makers tell you they can make nut milks, but what they do not tell you is that they have limited or poor performance. You will be impressed with the quality and design of the SoyDelicious Premier Milk Maker. With its Grind Right Technology, automatic adjustment, and programmable features, the Opaye Soy Milk Maker is the most versatile, efficient milk machine on the market. It pulverizes different nuts and grains with ease and high performance, A Perfect Grind Every Time .

Mung Bean Milks
Make sweet and refreshing mung milk that is rich in antioxidants and easy to digest with the great recipes in the SoyDelicious manual. Make refreshing and tasty SoyDelicious Mung Bean Milk or sweet tasting SoyDelicious Millet-Mung Bean milk in the comfort of your own kitchen. Bean milks are delicious to drink, but can also be used to make fabulous soup stocks and stew. The bean pulp left over from making the milk is very nutritious and high in fiber and can be incorporated into many recipes. Bean pulp adds wonderful texture to your soups and stews or can be used in veggie patties, dips, or spreads.

Zhongshan Opaye Industry Co.,Ltd. hope you and your family can make healthy, fresh, organic milks right in your own home!

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